The 20 Best Sports Affiliate Programs for 2022

Best Sports Affiliate Programs

Are you a sports influencer, athlete, or parent involved in your kid’s sports teams? Do you want to take part in highly lucrative sports affiliate programs?

If so, we’ve identified 20 of the best sports affiliate programs from both well-known and new sports companies that can help you turn your network, website, or social media into a money-making machine.

Affiliate marketing has become a big business in recent years. The brands win because everyday people are helping them drive traffic to their websites, and those driving the traffic earn passive affiliate income by doing so.

Sports affiliate marketing, in particular, presents an enormous opportunity to promote sports and lifestyle products. Did you know that the global sports industry is worth an estimated $614 billion between sporting goods and events? Americans alone spend around $200 billion on sports gear and outdoor accessories annually.

If you’re interested in sports affiliate programs to make some passive income in 2022, let’s dig into the top 20 that are available for you to sign up and join right now!

Best Sports Affiliate Programs in 2022

  1. TaylorMade Golf
  2. Jump Sport
  3. Total Gym
  4. Eastbay
  5. GoPro
  6. Fitbit
  7. LeftLane Sports
  8. Al’s Sports
  9. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  11. Under Armour
  12. Mountain Hardware
  13. Adidas
  14. Fanatics
  15. Play Your Court
  16. FanDuel
  17. Leather Head Sports
  19. Gainful
  20. Hidrate Spark

Best Sports Equipment Affiliate Programs

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Some brands are so ubiquitous within their niches that they need no introduction. TaylorMade has certainly hit that mark within the golf game, but it wasn’t always like that. The company actually started in a converted warehouse with only three staff members who thought they had a better way to make golf clubs. They succeeded, and now their “better clubs” are used by icons of the sport and weekend course golfers alike. 

If you have any familiarity with golf, you know how expensive the apparel and clubs can be. The Taylor Made sports affiliate program is based on per-sale commissions, which means every purchase made via your link sends money directly to your bank account.

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Jump Sport belongs to a particular sports niche: trampolining. This activity has been popular for a very long time with kids, and trampolines are a regular sight to see in the backyards of families. One relatively new revenue stream for trampoline companies has been the smaller, personal trampolines that are used to work out and promote an active lifestyle.

Jump Sport is a family-owned business that has been around for 20+ years. This company invented and patented the enclosures that you see on larger, family-friendly trampolines, which help to prevent injuries. Trampolines may not be the first thing that you think about for sports affiliate programs, but their commission rate is the reason I included them on this list.

A 4% commission may seem low until you do the math on what it could potentially add up to. With high-quality products ranging from $250-600 on the small trampolines alone, Jump Sport could prove to be a very profitable sports affiliate program.

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Many Americans are looking for new home gym equipment – which is precisely what Total Gym is. Its online store packs all of the main equipment from a typical gym into one simple machine that can be used at home.

Overall, the company has four different products, each of which features an all-in-one design built with different workouts, users, and budgets in mind. With unit prices ranging from just under $600 to nearly $4,000, you can see why this could be a great sports affiliate program for you. The 45-day cookie duration isn’t too shabby, either.

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Eastbay provides sporting equipment for kids aged 7 to 24 years old. With various categories of sports products, there are quite a few opportunities to generate affiliate sales for popular types of fitness apparel and equipment. At a flat 8% commission rate, those sales can supercharge your passive income quickly. Talk about high-volume affiliates. This program also only has a 7-day cookie length, which means that you’ll need pretty good CTAs.

One thing to take note of is that most of Eastbay’s target customers are minors, meaning that you need to keep the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in mind when promoting these sports affiliate links.

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GoPro is very well-known within the sports industry. For adrenaline junkies posting their adventures on YouTube and professional athletes recording their performances, GoPro cameras have become a major part of both the indoor and outdoor sports world.

GoPro-captured videos have earned over 2 billion views on YouTube alone. But, it’s not just for the content creation fitness niche. Many families even use GoPro’s products to capture their memories and moments, meaning that you have a pretty wide audience of potential customers.

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Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers and has become a mainstay for the connected fitness gear community. From counting steps to calories, FitBit is the preferred fitness tracker across many different workout enthusiasts.

Fun fact: Journalists discovered that we had an undisclosed US military presence in Syria several years ago because so many military contractors forgot to turn off the wifi on their FitBit wearables during their gym time on base! But you don’t have to be a Special Operations black ops contractor to enjoy this sleek, simple, and affordable fitness wearable – or to sell it and make money online through sports affiliate programs! Plus, you get a responsive affiliate management team in your corner.

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Sports Goods Affiliate Programs


LeftLane is a member’s only e-commerce sporting goods website that utilizes exclusive deals that provide some sizable savings to their members. With products from premium brands for 50-70% off the MSRP, this community has become very popular with thrifty sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

With members-only deals, the lowest price guarantee, a 90-day return window, and a 14-day price drop period, it’s easy to see why this website is so popular. Between the high commission rate (up to 10%) and long cookie shelf life (60 days), this is a great opportunity to help the sports enthusiast in your life save some money while driving your own commissions.

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Al’s is the first (of several) on our list that takes your potential earnings far beyond a single niche. A true sporting goods store, Al’s offers equipment and apparel for traditional ball sports as well as outdoor-based sporting. This widens your potential customer matrix significantly, meaning that a network of hunters, fishers, campers, as well as ball players, could all help you earn a monthly commission payment.

At a 9% commission rate with an average order of $120, there are plenty of incentives for you to drive your network and sports affiliate program toward Al’s massive selection of products. All of the leading sports apparel and equipment brands are offered on Al’s website, which means there is something for just about everyone there.

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Another sporting goods affiliate program that offers just about everything under the sun, Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t offer the best commissions or cookies, but its popularity, wide product range, and annual sales certainly make it something to consider. A publicly-traded company that had nearly $10 billion in sales in 2021 and has already surpassed that by Q3 2022, the brand is well-known all across the country by those with a need for sports equipment or apparel. 

With a name as widely recognized and stores so often frequented, you won’t have any trouble with brand name recognition in Dick’s sports affiliate program. If you have already built a network around sports, outdoor activities, or fitness, Dick’s is a great addition to your affiliate marketing links because it is so well known and trusted.

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Sometimes the name says it all. sells just about everything that a person could need for or involving sports – online. While the name may not be as well known as some of the others on this list, the commissions and cookie duration make it well worth considering adding to your sports affiliate marketing list. 

The website offers great deals on a wide array of sporting goods and apparel and makes it pretty easy for its customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. With commissions ranging from 10-14%, a $125 average order value, and a 60-day cookie window, it’s worth driving people from your network to their site for all of their sports needs.

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You wouldn’t know it now, but Under Armor started off as a company with their CEO selling individual dry-wicking shirts to athletes before anyone knew they were even a thing. Now you’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of athletic apparel that isn’t dry wicking, a gym anywhere in the nation that doesn’t have Under Armour gear proudly displayed by its inhabitants, and anyone interested in sports who doesn’t know the brand.

On top of the brand being known and worn by athletes, golf players, and weekend warriors at all levels, their sports affiliate program is pretty generous, given how much time, money, and effort they’ve already put into their marketing. With a 5% commission on all sales, a $100 average order, and a 30-day cookie, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t include Under Armour’s affiliate program on your list.

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Although it used to be reserved for gearheads, mountain climbers, and backpackers, Mountain Hardware apparel has become quite trendy over the past several years along with the likes of Patagonia, REI, and its other outdoor-based competitors. On top of expensive clothing that hikers & climbers need and trendy types want, Mountain Hardware also sells outdoor essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks that are known to be ultra-high quality.

These types of outdoor enthusiasts are willing to pay top-dollar for gear that could mean the difference between a nice trip and freezing to death, so their insulated jackets can run a pretty penny yet still sell out of stock due to their popularity. This all adds up to an average $140 order value, which makes the Mountain Hardware affiliate program pretty sweet with its 8% commission.

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Some brands are so well known that the depth of their product line or company history doesn’t even need an introduction. If you are looking for brand recognition as a primary driver in your decision for which sports affiliate programs to join, you need not look any further than Adidas.

The Adidas program does require that you pass an affiliate review before being approved, but the company conducts that review within 48 hours. They also allow you to earn commissions through sub-affiliates, as long as you are transparent about where the traffic for those sub-affiliates comes from. With a 7% commission, 30-day cookie period, and a brand that is as globally recognized as Adidas, this sports affiliate program is a prime opportunity if you know how to drive traffic and conversions.

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If you have a network that includes bonafide sports fanatics, what better affiliate program to add to your list than the world’s largest officially-licensed online retail store for every franchise, league, and association? This site offers just about anything sports-related that your fanatical fans could possibly want – fan auctions, ticket sales, jerseys, official fan gear – everything.

The term fanatic is about as appropriate as it can get for the people who truly eat, sleep, live, and breathe sports. With commission rates that go up to 10%, if you currently have or can build a network of true blue fanatical sports fans, this sports affiliate program can help drive your passive income earnings through the stratosphere.

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Two decades ago it would have been unheard of to pay a random stranger to give you a ride to the airport, or to rent a room or vacation house through an app, yet now they are a major part of our society and big money for tech companies. You can think of Play Your Court as the Uber or Airbnb of tennis instructors – a website that sends a PTR or USPTA-certified tennis instructor to your local court to train you.

With over 18,000,000 Americans playing tennis at some level, that provides a pretty wide target for you to aim your sports affiliate marketing program towards to start earning commissions from Play Your Court. At $15 per sale and a 90-day cookie duration, this sports affiliate program is ready to serve you some passive income!

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Sports Instructors Affiliate Programs

Fantasy sports have long been a favorite amongst offices and friend groups that are full of sports fanatics. The practice has come a long way since its early days of office workers using torn-off slips of paper to stage their fantasy league drafts, and FanDuel has been one of the leaders in the tech evolution of online sports.

The FanDuel sports affiliate program gives you two options if you choose to participate, with either a CPA-based commission or RevShare. CPA will pay you $25-35 per referral, while RevShare will pay you 35% of the revenue that those referrals generate, with the commission capped at $1,000 per referral monthly. Depending on how tenacious the sports fans in your network are, this program can pay you a pretty penny for connecting them with their fantasy league dreams.

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Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Throwback trends and culture are becoming increasingly popular as our ever-advancing culture pines for simpler times. Both sports fans and throwback aesthetic culture appreciators alike will love Leather Head Sports, a company that creates authentic sports memorabilia for baseball, football, basketball, rugby, and soccer. From sports history buffs to those who love the smell of real leather, leather footballs with actual laces would look great on any mantle, and leather baseballs with actual stitches can find a home in any sports fan’s office.

With a commission rate of 10%, average earnings per customer of $132.50, and a cookie duration of 60 days, it can pay very well to help connect anyone who appreciates “the good old days” with Leather Head Sports as a part of your sports affiliate program.

Sports Memorabilia Affiliate Programs

We all know someone who loves sports memorabilia, whether it’s fond memories of trading baseball cards as a kid, or if they see it as a genuine investment like others view art. Overall, sports memorabilia is an over 5.4 billion dollar market in the US alone, meaning that a friend of yours collecting old cards or autographed jerseys may be more of a shrewd investor than you thought. is a great website for both active and passive memorabilia hunters alike because they sell just about everything. Their trading cards, autographed memorabilia, balls, shirts, and caps are all certified as 100% authentic before they go up for sale on the site, meaning that anyone you send their way is in safe hands. With a 12% commission, $220.18 average order value, and a 30-day cookie duration, adding them as a sports affiliate program could be a wise investment for both you and the traffic that you send to

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Sports Nutrition Affiliate Programs

The first “unbreakable” plastic water bottle was invented by a company in Florida to help beach and pool goers to beat the heat & humidity, and our society has been inundated with reusable water bottles ever since. As athletic leisure wear and sports-trendy clothes have become immensely popular, so have the ubiquitous water bottles that everyone carries with them throughout their days now.

Hidrate Spark gives you a chance to incentivize this trend through their sports affiliate program, while also helping people to up their water bottle game. The Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that tracks how much water its user is drinking, and actually reminds them when they need to be drinking more. With a 10% commission rate and $140.66 average earnings per customer, it can be very profitable for you to help keep people hydrated!

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How to Choose a Sports Affiliate Program to Promote

Now that you know the best sports affiliate programs on the market, we come to the important question: how do you choose which program to promote? If you’ve read my Affiliate Marketing Guide, you already know my answer: it depends on your niche.

Because of the way that both the social media and Google SERP (search results) algorithms work, they tend to drive followers and search results to notable people and websites that have authority on certain subjects. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional athlete or an ESPN host. It just means that it would make your affiliate marketing program far more successful if you have a lot of content or posts surrounding any one of the sections listed above (sporting goods, sports memorabilia, sports equipment, sports apparel, fantasy sports, or supplements). 

There are also various factors to consider about the program itself, such as:

  • Commission rate: Different programs pay their commissions in different ways. Some pay a percentage of any sale that is made through your links, while others will pay you a total revenue share generated by any customer that signs up for their services through your link.
  • Cookie duration: Cookies are the way that websites and companies track visitors online. In sports affiliate marketing, the “cookie duration” is the time that a customer has between clicking your link and making a purchase on the website. For example, with a 30-day cookie duration, someone using my sports affiliate link has to purchase within 30 days of the link clicking for me to earn a commission.
  • Sign-up URL: Some of the companies listed above host their affiliate programs, while others run them through third-party affiliate programs.
  • Sports site: The website for the company whose goods or services you will be selling through affiliate links.


What Is the Highest Paying Sports Affiliate Program?

Some of the highest paying sports affiliate programs are FanDuel ($25-35 for CPA, 35% of revenue for RevShare), Gainful ($30 per sale), and Jump Sport (4% commission on a $519 avg sale).

Ultimately, it depends on how savvy your affiliate marketing skills are, how much traffic you can drive through the program, and how many conversions you have.

Do Sports Affiliate Programs Convert Well?

Most sports affiliate programs convert well. Certain brands listed above like Adidas, Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Fanatics are globally-recognized brands that people tend to know.

This is where your skills as an affiliate marketer truly come into play and can mean the difference between making chump change or a comfortable living through your passive income. Diligence pays off, so again, if you haven’t read my Affiliate Marketing Guide, I highly suggest doing so if you plan on moving forward with some of these sports affiliate programs.

Best Sports Affiliate Programs: Key Takeaways

Whether you are a savvy affiliate marketer or someone with an already-built network of sports players or fanatics, the sports affiliate programs listed above can generate a sizable passive income if you play your cards right.

Some of the programs above will pay a flat fee per sale, while others are based on commissions as a percentage of revenue generated. Think strategically based on your skills and which could prove more profitable for you.