Best Dating Affiliate Programs: Maximize Your Earnings

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Dating Affiliate Programs

The online dating world is not just big; it is  expanding rapidly, offering a fertile ground for affiliates to thrive. 

Positioned alongside the significant affiliate marketing pillars of health, wealth, and love, the dating industry is a powerhouse of potential. 

According to Statista, the online dating market worldwide is on track to hit revenues of US$3.12 billion by 2024. This growth isn’t just about numbers; people’s wants and needs drive it. A significant portion of adults are single, and many are actively seeking relationships. 

This demographic shift presents a juicy opportunity for affiliate marketers in this busy market.

It’s a competitive space. But don’t worry, I’ve been through it. I’ve spent years figuring out the best ways to make it in affiliate marketing. 

I’m here to show you the best dating affiliate programs and how to make them work for you. Even in a crowded market, there’s plenty of room to succeed if you know how to stand out.

Dating Affiliate Program  Commission Rate / Payout  Cookie Duration 
AdultFriendFinder 35% – 75% per sale Lifetime 75% per sale Lifetime  75% per sale 30 Days  75% per sale  30 Days $7 per lead 45 Days 50% 120 Days  30% per sale 45 Days 30 Days 50% per sale 30 Days
Christian Mingle $2 per lead 30 Days 50% 120 Days $7 per signup 30 Days $300 per sale 30 Days 75% per sale 45 Days 40% per sale 120 Days $300 per sale 30 Days
Zoosk $4 per registration 30 Days $2 per lead 30 Days

Best Dating Affiliate Programs 2024

Just as there are many fish in the sea, there are numerous dating affiliate programs, each with perks and opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Below, we dive into some of the best dating affiliate programs available today. These online dating affiliate programs offer great ways for your audience to find meaningful connections and give you, the affiliate marketer, a chance to earn impressive commissions. 

Whether your followers are interested in niche dating services or more broad-based matchmaking, a program here can help them find what they’re looking for – and help you profit.


adventurous relationships. 

This platform is a cornerstone in the niche dating sites category, offering a wide range of features for affiliate partners to promote.

The AdultFriendFinder affiliate program is an excellent fit for affiliate marketers looking to tap into the online dating services market with a well-known site for its open-minded community. 

Affiliates can earn competitive commissions by directing traffic to one of the most popular and engaging dating platforms.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


AshleyMadison caters to individuals seeking discreet encounters. With a focus on privacy and confidentiality, it is one of the most prominent niche dating sites. 

The AshleyMadison affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to connect with a vast audience that values discretion. 

By promoting AshleyMadison, affiliates tap into a market of users looking for something beyond the traditional dating experience offered by most dating websites.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


OneNightFriend offers a straightforward proposition for individuals seeking casual, no-strings-attached encounters. 

Positioned within the online dating industry as a go-to platform for quick and easy connections, OneNightFriend simplifies the pursuit of casual dating. 

Its affiliate program is an excellent pathway for affiliate marketers aiming to capitalize on the online dating market’s more laid-back segment. 

With its emphasis on casual dating, affiliates can attract a significant portion of the dating traffic that prefers less formal dating experiences.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Seeking sets itself apart in the online dating scene by facilitating mutually beneficial connections. It’s a platform where relationships are defined by honesty and clarity regarding expectations. 

With the Seeking affiliate program, affiliates can attract an audience interested in premium dating experiences with transparent terms and goals aligned.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


BeNaughty takes a fun and flirty approach to online dating, ideal for singles looking for something less serious. 

This platform stands out for its commitment to casual, no-strings-attached encounters, making it a popular choice among those who prefer a more casual dating experience.

The BeNaughty affiliate program is tailored for affiliate marketers who want to promote a dating service that is all about fun. 

It’s a great fit for content related to dating advice, social interactions, and anyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their dating life. 

The program is designed to attract a broad audience, making it a versatile option for affiliates with diverse traffic sources.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


WhatsYourPrice features a bidding system where members can bid on dates. Its approach lets users get straight to the point, making dating more transparent. 

Its concept appeals to those who value directness and efficiency in their dating experiences, setting WhatsYourPrice apart in the online dating market.

Its affiliate program particularly appeals to those who blog or create content around dating advice, online dating experiences, or innovative dating platforms.

Star Rating

/ 5.0

Best Mainstream Dating Affiliate Programs in 2024

Mainstream dating platforms continue to offer opportunities for affiliates. 

The standout mainstream dating affiliate programs of Eharmony,, EliteSingles, Christian Mingle, OurTime, and SilverSingles not only cater to diverse demographics but also ensure affiliates have access to competitive commissions, long cookie durations, and reliable payment policies. 

Each platform brings something unique to the table, from Eharmony’s scientific approach to love to OurTime’s focus on the mature 50+ market, making them top choices for affiliate marketers in 2024. 

Whether you’re guiding singles toward finding love or companionship, these programs equip you with the tools and support needed to succeed in mainstream dating affiliate marketing.


Eharmony takes a scientific approach to love, using a comprehensive questionnaire to match individuals based on compatibility. Renowned for its focus on long-term relationships, Eharmony is a space for singles seeking meaningful connections. 

The Eharmony affiliate program offers a fantastic opportunity for affiliate marketers to connect their audience with a service that prioritizes relationship depth and compatibility. 

It’s especially appealing for content creators who discuss serious relationships, dating advice, and personal growth. 

Its reputation for creating genuine connections translates into high affiliate conversion rates, thanks to its trust and credibility in the dating market.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Match is a pioneer in online dating, offering singles a platform to find love, companionship, and everything. 

With decades of experience and a broad user base, caters to a diverse audience, making it one of the mainstream dating sites with widespread appeal. affiliate program can be lucrative for affiliate marketers focused on the dating niche. 

Star Rating

/ 5.0


EliteSingles targets the more discerning daters, focusing on professionals and individuals seeking serious, long-term relationships. 

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, the platform uses an in-depth personality test to match users based on compatibility and shared life goals. 

This approach appeals to singles who are career-oriented and committed to finding a partner who understands the demands of a busy lifestyle.

The EliteSingles affiliate program is an excellent fit for affiliate marketers whose audiences are looking for more than casual dates. 

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Christian Mingle provides a faith-based dating platform for singles seeking partners who share their Christian values. 

Promoting Christian Mingle allows affiliates to tap into the niche market of religious dating, where the demand for quality, faith-based connections is high.

Its focused approach to online dating serves a specific segment of the dating market and offers affiliates the chance to engage with a dedicated and passionate audience.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


OurTime specializes in providing a dating service for mature singles, typically those aged 50 and above. 

Recognizing the interests and needs of the older demographic, this dating site creates a welcoming space for those seeking companionship, love, or friendship later in life. 

The OurTime affiliate program represents a chance to cater to a specific, often underserved market in the online dating scene, making it a potentially rewarding and fulfilling affiliate program to be part of.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


SilverSingles is another high-quality site in the dating industry, specifically tailored for singles over 50. This platform emphasizes serious, long-term relationships for the mature audience, differentiating itself with a deep understanding of the desires and expectations of older singles.

The SilverSingles affiliate program offers affiliates a chance to positively impact the lives of mature singles while tapping into a lucrative niche within the online dating industry.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Dating is a global platform in the online dating scene, offering a wide array of features designed to help singles find matches worldwide. 

Its diverse user base and flexible communication tools make it an attractive site for anyone looking to expand their dating horizons internationally.

The affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers keen on promoting a platform with a global reach.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


BlackCupid focuses on providing a platform for Black singles to find love, friendship, and more. It offers a culturally rich environment that celebrates diversity and authenticity. 

Its detailed profiles and range of communication options make it easier for members to form meaningful connections.

The BlackCupid affiliate program is an excellent match for affiliate marketers specializing in content around dating, cultural identity, and relationships within the Black community. 

By promoting BlackCupid, affiliates can help their audience discover a space dedicated to Black dating, where members feel understood and valued.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


ChristianCafe distinguishes itself as a faith-centered dating platform, aiming to connect Christian singles seeking spiritually aligned partnerships. 

With over two decades of experience in bringing people together, ChristianCafe prides itself on creating a safe and welcoming environment for believers to meet, mingle, and find life partners who share their faith and values. 

The ChristianCafe affiliate program allows affiliates to align with a platform that not only aids in finding love but also nurtures spiritual growth and community among its members.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


DateMyAge caters to mature singles seeking companionship, love, or friendship with peers with similar life experiences. 

Recognizing the challenges and opportunities of dating later in life, DateMyAge provides a respectful, secure environment for individuals in their 40s, 50s, and beyond to connect. 

The DateMyAge affiliate program is an ideal match for affiliate marketers with audiences interested in mature dating or looking for relationships that flourish in their prime years. 

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Zoosk is an active online dating platform that uses behavioral matchmaking technology to learn from users’ actions and preferences, providing more personalized matches over time. 

The Zoosk affiliate program significantly broadens your affiliate marketing portfolio, providing access to a platform that combines serious matchmaking with the flexibility of casual dating. 

It’s an excellent way to engage with a service at the forefront of dating technology, offering the potential for solid engagement and conversion rates among your audience.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Jdate, affiliated with Spark Networks, focuses on Jewish dating, catering to singles seeking connections within their faith. 

A niche platform, it mirrors the success model of Christian Mingle. With a blog showcasing numerous success stories, Jdate offers valuable social proof. 

Although its ‘Network Earnings’ score is modest, considering the limited global Jewish population (15 million), it aligns with the target demographic. 

Star Rating

/ 5.0

How Did I Choose the Best Dating Affiliate Program?

With over a decade of experience and success in dating and adult niches, I’ve learned what works. I’ve mastered picking the best dating affiliate programs by partnering with top sites like Seeking and Ashley Madison. Let me show you how to choose wisely and succeed, just like I did.

Brand Reputation and Testimonials

Just like in dating, reputation matters. I looked for programs from dating sites with solid reputations. Good words from other affiliate marketers and users gave me confidence. It’s like hearing from a friend that someone is excellent to date.

Payment Policy and Payment Reliability

Money talks. I sought out programs that offered attractive payouts and paid on time. It’s important to know that your effort to promote a dating site translates into accurate, reliable income.

Decent Commission Rate

The heart of any dating affiliate program is how much you can earn. Higher commission rates mean more income for every successful match or sign-up you facilitate. It’s about finding a partner who values your contribution.

Marketing Support

Having a toolkit at your disposal makes all the difference. Programs that provided banners, links, and detailed guides on effectively marketing their services were like having a wingman in the dating world.

Cookie Duration

Longer cookie durations give your referrals more time to decide, increasing the chances they’ll sign up and you’ll get your commission. It’s akin to giving someone the space to decide on a date.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is crucial. It’s how often people clicking on your links end up signing up or making a purchase. I looked for programs where my efforts led to actual results. 

A high conversion rate means the site is appealing and user-friendly, encouraging more sign-ups and boosting my earnings. It’s like setting up a friend on a date; you want to know they have a good chance of hitting it off.

Availability of Promotional Materials

Just as in preparing for a date, first impressions matter. Programs that offered well-designed landing pages and creative materials helped me attract more interest, much like wearing your best outfit to a first date.

How to Successfully Promote Dating Affiliate Programs

To stand out and catch the eye of potential matches (or, in this case, audience members), here are some tried-and-true tips to make your promotion efforts more effective:

Start With Your Own Corner of the Internet

Create a space about love, dating, and relationships, whether it’s a blog or a website. This is like setting up a cozy table for two in a corner of the party, where you can talk about everything from first date tips to maintaining a spark in long-term relationships. 

Ensure your content is engaging and valuable, offering insights that aren’t just rehashed from other dating advice.

Get Social

With social media, you can share your content, answer questions, and join dating discussions to become a source of insights and advice.

Offer Unique Insights

To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer something different. This could be your take on the online dating world, interviews with dating experts, or reviews of dating sites and apps, including those you promote. 

Engage With Your Audience

Listen to what your audience is saying and engage with them. Answer their questions, ask for their opinions, and involve them in your content creation process. 

Leverage SEO

Ensure your content is easy to find by using keywords your potential audience is searching for. This includes terms related to dating sites, online dating tips, and relationship advice.

Keep It Honest and Transparent

Always disclose your affiliate relationships and keep your recommendations genuine. Your audience will trust you more if they know you’re guiding them to suitable matches based on honest opinions and experiences.

How to Apply for a Dating Affiliate Program and Network?

Jumping into a dating affiliate program is like asking someone out: you want to make a good impression and show why you’re a great match. Most dating affiliate programs have a few key things they look at before saying “yes” to your proposal. Here’s what you typically need:

Your Traffic Source and Name

Think of your website or blog as a way to say hello to the world. It’s like your personal space where you have get-togethers, welcoming people interested in dating to explore and learn. It’s important that it shows the kind of dating tips or knowledge you want to give out. 

You can also use other spots like social media, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more to spread the word if you want to get into affiliate marketing without a website.

Audience Traffic

This is about showing how popular your party is. Programs want to know you have guests coming through regularly, which means more eyes on their services. 

Why You Want to Join

Think of this as explaining why you and the affiliate program are a perfect match. Maybe their platform aligns with your audience’s needs, or you’re genuinely passionate about what they offer. Be honest and transparent about your reasons.

How You Plan to Promote Their Products

This is outlining the fun activities you’ve got planned for the party. Will you write reviews, create comparison posts, or use social media to discuss their services? Share your strategy for reaching your brand in front of your audience.

List of the Best Dating Affiliate Networks

The right affiliate network is a matchmaker, connecting affiliates with top-notch dating offers. Here’s a spotlight on the outstanding networks that pave the way for successful partnerships in the dating niche.


I created UP Revenue based on my extensive experience in affiliate marketing, particularly within the dating niche. My path through various affiliate networks revealed a clear need for a network that prioritizes premium dating offers and practices integrity and transparency. 

That’s why UP Revenue is powered by HasOffers/Tune software, ensuring you get accurate tracking and reliable support for your efforts.

We’re committed to offering the highest payouts for different models, including Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale, or Revenue Share. 

Our flexible payment options, such as net30 and net15 for our stellar performers, and various payment methods, including Wire, Payoneer, and PayPal, are designed to accommodate affiliates across the globe.

The essence of UP Revenue is our dedication to ethical practices. We stand for honesty and integrity in every campaign we run. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start my own network, as it allows me flexibility and focus. 

This foundation of trust is precisely why I founded UP Revenue—to provide a trustworthy and rewarding platform for affiliate marketers to expand their earnings. Join us, and together, let’s excel in the dating affiliate programs.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


CrakRevenue is celebrated as the premier dating affiliate network for those focusing on the adult entertainment segment. It provides high-converting offers, from webcam sites to adult dating platforms, backed by attractive commission structures and dedicated affiliate support. 

Some of the sites offered by the service are Live Cams, Dating, E.D, and Adult Gaming.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


CJ Affiliate offers a wide range of dating-related offers, making it a versatile platform for affiliates targeting various niches, from Christian singles to single parents. 

Its well-designed landing pages and support team ensure affiliates have all the tools needed to generate revenue efficiently. 

CJ’s platform is perfect for those looking to spend money on quality traffic and achieve high conversions.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Dating Affiliates provides a collection of dating products focusing on specific demographics like military cupid, Christian faith, single parents, and more. 

With lucrative payouts and CPA offers tailored to a vast audience, this network supports affiliates with marketing materials and strategies to engage users and encourage sign-ups effectively.

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Cupid Media’s affiliate program offers access to an extensive online platform in the dating market, specializing in niche dating for diverse groups. 

Affiliates promoting Cupid Media enjoy access to a global audience, industry-leading payouts, and support for various marketing channels like email marketing, ensuring opportunities to generate significant revenue.

Star Rating

/ 5.0

Dating Affiliate Programs FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on dating affiliate programs:

Can I Join Multiple Dating Affiliate Programs?

Yes, absolutely! Joining multiple dating affiliate programs can be a smart move to diversify your income and offer your audience a more comprehensive range of options. 

Each dating platform has a unique appeal, whether catering to niche dating sites or providing services for the broader online market. 

What Is the Highest Paying Dating Affiliate Program? 

From my journey in affiliate marketing, I’ve learned that ‘highest paying’ varies and is affected by things like commission rates, conversion potential, and bonus opportunities. 

Personally, Ashley Madison and have been gold mines for me due to their attractive payouts and strong affiliate support. 

Still, pay attention to niche dating sites; they might be just as rewarding if they resonate well with your audience. My advice? Explore well-known and niche platforms to find what best suits your strategy and audience.”

How Do I Track My Commissions?

Tracking commissions is straightforward in my experience. 

Most dating affiliate programs offer a dashboard where you can see your clicks, sign-ups, and earnings. It’s essential to keep track of how well your campaigns are doing.

Once you’re part of an affiliate program, you’ll get access to this dashboard, along with marketing materials and support. 

If you’re promoting several platforms, I recommend keeping your login information well organized and regularly checking each dashboard to monitor your earnings closely.

Track Commissions

Can I Promote Dating Affiliate Programs on Social Media Platforms?

Absolutely, promoting dating affiliate programs on social media is a strategy I’ve personally found to be highly effective. 

Social media is ideal for sharing content like dating advice, relationship tips, and reviews of dating platforms. 

It’s crucial, though, to stay aware of each social media platform’s specific rules about affiliate links, link cloaking, and promotion. Make sure you’re following their guidelines and sticking to the best online marketing practices.

Bottom Line: My Final Thoughts

In the dating affiliate world, it’s all about connecting the right offers with the right audience. That’s the foundation upon which I built UP Revenue. 

Our mission is to provide exceptional support and opportunities for growth, aiming to be your first choice in the world of dating affiliate networks. With my extensive experience funneled into UP Revenue, I guarantee we’re the optimal partner for you. 

There are other networks like Cupid Media offering a diversity of options. In affiliate programs, AshleyMadison Affiliate Program and Affiliate Program emerge as the top performers. 

So, are you ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level with us? I’ve poured my experience into this, ensuring UP Revenue is the best partner for you. What do you say, ready to grow with us?”