Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs for 2023

Marijuana affiliate programs

The marijuana industry is ripe with opportunity, especially for savvy marketers. According to Grand View Research, the cannabis industry is projected to be worth $66.3 billion in the next five years. In fact, it’s expected to crest over $100 billion by 2030.

With numbers like that, it makes sense you’d want in on that money-making machine and that’s exactly what I can help with. 

Because there are now countless marijuana affiliate programs online, it can be difficult to decide which to sign up for. Plus, not every affiliate program will have your best interests at heart.

Fortunately, for all the bad apples, there are still plenty of good apples. And these cannabis affiliate programs may be some of the highest-paying affiliate programs within any niche. I urge you to keep reading so that you can be in the know of such a powerful money-earning option.

Generally, marijuana companies run into certain issues when it comes to traditional advertising. That’s where you come in! Companies rely on a healthy affiliate relationship with users like you to better advertise their products.

So, let’s dive into my guide on the 9 best marijuana affiliate programs for 2023. 

Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs for 2023

The best affiliate programs within the industry include:

Let’s look at each of these cannabis-related affiliate programs. Keep in mind that these are all legal marijuana affiliate programs.


ILGM, also known as I Love Growing Marijuana, is one of the best marijuana affiliate programs in the industry. I was first drawn in by the name and stayed because of the impressive service. 

20% is one of the highest commission rates in the industry, making ILGM one of the best affiliates out there. There’s no minimum, which can’t be said for every platform on this list. 

They also have a 90-day cookie duration. So, even if someone clicks on your link and doesn’t buy anything that day if they come back within 90 days, you still get the sale. Referrals have plenty of time to put together shopping lists and make those purchases.

There’s also a sub-affiliate program. The system offers 5% for each sale made through the new affiliates if they were brought to the platform by existing marketers. That means even your friends and family could earn money from this program!

Or, you can provide a link to medical marijuana patients for other medical patients that may be interested. The options are virtually unlimited.

Overall, the service has a strong, vibrant community with many bonus features and benefits. I recommend it if your audience is in the cannabis seed industry.

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Another solid cannabis affiliate program is GreenAffiliates. One unique feature that stood out for me was the conversion optimization experts they have standing by if you need assistance. The experts on their team can help merchants increase conversion rates significantly.

The higher your conversion rate, the more likely you are to earn money and the more likely the customer is to buy products. It’s a win-win for everyone!

With a high commission rate of 15% to 25% and a minimum payout of just $200, GreenAffiliates is a no-brainer to at least try out. They also have a monthly payment frequency, which you can eventually use as a part of your passive income.

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Next up on the list of top marijuana affiliate programs is Herbies Head Shop.

With their affiliate link, you can earn up to 30% for up to 89 days. The rates and cookie duration varies depending on how many sales you bring in, among other variables. But, if you have a popular website or blog as an affiliate marketer, Herbies Head Shop proves to be quite lucrative.

You also don’t have to think of it as just advertising this seed bank to your customers. Their goal is to spread knowledge of the best strains in the world. It’s a bonus that you get to earn money from it!

The platform tracks referrals and pays some of the highest commissions in the industry for every customer sent their way.

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Another large international seed bank, Seedsman, carries products from over 80 people growing cannabis plants. As you can imagine, they’re experts at selling cannabis seeds. 

Seedsman began selling seeds back in 2002. Since then, they’ve culminated a large following. Experienced users and newbies alike flock to Seedsman for high-quality seeds. Even new medical marijuana patients look forward to these seeds.

So, what’s a better platform to promote than one you know is providing quality products? That’s where the Seedsman affiliate program comes in handy.

Beyond being its seed bank, Seedsman is also one of the best cannabis affiliate programs on the market today. With an affiliate link, sub-affiliates earn 5% per sale and affiliate members earn 15%.

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/ 5.0



Another worthy affiliate program is MSNL, which only sells from quality cannabis seeds farms. The platform offers an impressive 20% per completed sale, making this seed bank worth mentioning for affiliate programs. 

It’s free to join and easy to start. The program promises a high visitor-to-customer conversion rate. And that’s because their products are worth it!

Each affiliate member gets to use a wide range of custom text links and banners to get started. Overall, I recommend you try MSNL for the potential commission rate alone.

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Last but certainly not least is a seed bank many may be familiar with. Out of the seed banks online, My Fast Buds is one of the top leaders.

They have a whopping 180 days in cookie duration and up to 50% in commission. There’s an average 5% conversion rate for niche traffic during high-season promotions.

As one of the leaders of the legal cannabis seeds industry, the platform even offers auto flower hybrids worldwide, which would be a major selling point for your customers. Affiliates get DHL express delivery and a low chargeback rate and can offer products in up to 8 different languages.

Overall, My Fast Buds is one of the top cannabis affiliate programs in the industry.

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Best Marijuana Affiliate Networks

Next, let’s take a step beyond specific cannabis affiliate programs and look at different affiliate marketing networks to consider.

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For the past few years, RevOffers has been growing in popularity. This affiliate network works with many cannabis merchants and CBD products, so they’re worth checking out. 

Overall, they have a variety of different options you can choose from. This puts the decision-making more in your hands, which I liked a lot.

It’s important to keep in mind that different merchants offer different commission rates. For example, Petly CBD pays a 30% commission. Meanwhile, Extract Labs pays only a 20% commission. But, both are available on the RevOffers affiliate network.

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While was slow to join the cannabis bandwagon, the site now has a growing roster of cannabis and CBD merchants. These merchants, including, Daily High Club, and more, are all available for affiliate marketers to promote

In fact, some of the biggest brands in the world use Impact. They ensure your conversion rates are actually worth it and you can grow revenue in a meaningful way.

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Last but not least is ShareASale, a well-known and trusted affiliate marketing network. In fact, this platform is one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing programs in the world.

Many affiliates use ShareASale to find cannabis products to promote and earn plenty of commission for referrals on those items.

The platform focuses on solutions for all aspects of the process – from merchants and agencies to affiliates and other types of marketers. Overall, there’s something for everyone on ShareASale.

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What Do You Need to Promote an Affiliate Link?

Promoting products through an affiliate program is easy for some and difficult for others. So, what do you need to join an affiliate program and be successful at promoting it?

Let’s look at the important details, together. These will be the resources you need to succeed in a marijuana affiliate program.

Social Leverage

Some of the most powerful tools needed to promote affiliate links are social media platforms. If you’re an influencer or have a substantial following on any social platform, you will then have leverage among your community.

That leverage makes you appealing when promoting these cannabis brands. And while you put in the work, you earn a percentage of each sale and get to reap the rewards long-term.

If your social media is connected to a website or blog, it will make this process even easier.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is also very important when it comes to affiliate marketing. If the on-page SEO is lacking, your platform will then lack traffic and conversions.

After all, a high organic ranking across all the major search engines will get eyes on your page and help you advertise a cannabis affiliate program properly.

Backlinks and targeted keywords can help to grow your SEO status and increase your organic traffic. Think of each backlink and keyword as a vote of confidence, because search engines certainly do.

Plus, the more genuine and high-quality your content is, the more appealing you look as an affiliate marketer.

Video Content

I wouldn’t say this is an absolute necessity in affiliate marketing, but it would definitely help. People love video content these days. Just think of the endless hours people spend scrolling through TikTok and Instagram Reels.

If you produce a quality video marketing piece that promotes cannabis products, your community will be more engaged.

While not necessary, I would say videos are still an essential part of attracting a social media following. You can succeed with images and text alone, but video content provides an extra element that’s hard to beat.

How to Choose a Marijuana Affiliate Program

Everyone is different, so you’ll likely have different needs than the next person. Still, there are certain criteria that every marketer should pay attention to when choosing a program to work with. They usually include cookie windows, rates, customer support, etc.

Factors like the cookie window, rates, company reputation, etc. will give you a much better understanding of the marijuana affiliate program. Considering such criteria will make it easier to find the right one for your needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a marijuana affiliate program:

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is the number of days in which a customer can click on your link, and come back to the site later to buy something, and you will still get credit for the purchase.

Ideally, you want a high cookie duration. Most cannabis affiliate programs have a cookie duration of 90 days.

Commission Rate

The commission rate is the percentage you earn with each sale. This factor certainly plays a massive role since it will directly affect how much money you can make in affiliate marketing. I only looked at high, worthwhile commission rates for each affiliate program on my list.

Overall Reputation

Finally, a platform is only as good as its reputation, especially with programs like these. I looked at the overall reputation of each platform and aimed for only positive sites. That’s how I was able to find the best of the best.


Is marijuana affiliate marketing legal?

Yes, marijuana affiliate marketing is legal in some areas. Keep in mind that marijuana and CBD are still illegal in some states of the US and most countries. So, you’ll need to be careful how and where you market the products/links.

But as long as you’re marketing in states/countries where marijuana is legal for either medical or recreational use, you’re good to go. Just make sure you brush up on your understanding of the laws in the areas you’re marketing to.

Why do cannabis brands have marijuana affiliate programs?

Simply put, affiliate marketing makes it easy for cannabis brands to promote their products. Affiliate marketers like you can help these cannabis brands reach their target audience more efficiently. 

That’s why cannabis brands provide a commission for each of the products sold through their affiliate program. It helps them gain traffic and sales at the end of the day.

Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs: Key Takeaways

In this article, I listed a handful of quality platforms – some niche affiliate programs that work directly in the cannabis industry and other programs that work within multiple markets.

But, not every merchant is equal and it may take some time to discover which is right for you. Before choosing which one to go with, consider things like cookie duration, commission rates, and the company’s reputation among cannabis users. These are all key focuses that will help you find the best affiliate program for your needs.

Overall, marijuana affiliate programs prove to be an excellent source of extra money and any of the programs listed above are great places to get started.