The Best Webinar Software for Video Conference in 2022

Webinar Software Conference

Mobility has become an essential part of the modern workplace. With this shift, the ability to connect with teammates across the country and even the world is a must-have.

As such, there is a huge increase in people attending live online seminars, also known as webinars, with experts presenting in every category.

With such a large variety of people now utilizing webinar software, it’s no surprise that a huge selection of webinar software is now available on the market.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a platform to host remote meetings, or a huge corporation seeking to reach an audience of thousands, there are several options to choose from.

Each of these products offers different and unique features so that you can find exactly what you need to be successful. Read ahead to learn more about what these products have to offer.




1. WebinarJam

Webinar Jam

What is it?

WebinarJam is one of the most popular webinar options available today. With this webinar software, you can easily host webinars with little to no experience. WebinarJam uses a unique broadcasting technology that allows users to host live webinars to thousands of people across various platforms.

You can also use this webinar software to live stream on YouTube or on your own private network. WebinarJam is great for broadcasting to large audiences and offers lots of useful features. In fact, they’ve almost beat the Guinness world record for the largest live webinar– over 10,000 viewers. All plans include 24/7 customer support for any issues you may encounter.

What makes it unique:

  • It’s compatible with most web browsers and devices.
  • Users can stream to an incredibly high volume of viewers.
  • Presenters can invite attendees to join the presentation.
  • Attendees have the ability to live chat.

Pricing 💰

14-day trial for $1

Basic Plan: $479/annually. Includes 3 presenters, 500 attendees.

Pro Plan: $783/annually. Includes 4 presenters, 1000 attendees.

Premium Plan: $997/annually.  Includes 6 presenters, 5000 attendees.


2. GoToWebinar

Go to webinar

What is it?

GoToWebinar may be the most user-friendly webinar product on this list. If you’re a total beginner or dislike the process of creating a webinar, this webinar platform will take care of the tricky stuff. GoToWebinar has made webinars easy by providing features such as event management and webinar templates.

They also have a range of scheduling options including one-time webinar events or you can create a whole series. GoToWebinar also provides users with a GoToStage that includes features to help attract potential viewers.  GotToWebinar is best for small businesses with fewer viewers.

What makes it unique:

  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • The ability to incorporate polls and surveys for your audience.
  • In-depth event analytics.
  • Live chat feature.

Pricing 💰

Starter: $89/month billed annually. Up to 100 participants.

Pro: $199/month billed annually. Up to 500 participants.

Plus: $429/month billed annually. Up to 1000 participants.


3. Clickmeeting


What is it?

Clickmeeting is a live video conferencing software that allows users to broadcast product demos, online courses, training sessions, business meetings, and webinars. Clickmeeting gives users ready-to-use scenarios that allow you to better grow your audience.

Clickinmeeting offers customizable webinar rooms to strengthen your branding and attract more viewers. This webinar software also has the ability to video stream using social media sites like YouTube or Facebook. Clickmeeting is best for a business on a budget. The best part is, you can try this webinar free for 30 days.

What makes it unique:

  • Custom webinar rooms.
  • Affordable plans for small businesses.
  • Schedule pre-recorded automated webinars.

Pricing 💰

30-day Free Trial

Live Plan: $25/month billed annually. Up to 25 attendees.

Automated: $40/month billed annually. Up to 25 attendees.

Custom plans available for large companies.


4. WebEx


What is it?

WebEx is a great option for high speed, high-quality webinars. WebEx uses a cloud-based platform which means it has a greater capacity for high-speed streaming. This also ensures greater security for your data.  WebEx offers users the ability to customize your content so that it fits your image. With this software, you can host meetings and webinars across multiple platforms including mobile devices. WebEx is best for small to mid-sized businesses with less than 200 viewers.

What makes it unique:

  • Caterers towards meetings and team collaboration.
  • Use it on mobile devices.
  • High-quality HD streaming.
  • They offer a free plan.

Pricing 💰

Personal Plan: Free. Up to 50 attendees.

Starter Plan: $13.50/month. Up to 50 attendees.

Plus Plan: $17.95/month. Up to 100 attendees.

Business Plan: $26.95/month. Up to 200 attendees.


5. GetResponse


What is it?

GetResponse offers much more than just webinar services. In addition to a full webinar platform, this software offers a complete email marketing solution. If you’re looking for an excellent email marketing software as well as a webinar solution, this is a great option.

You can easily incorporate the promotion of your webinars into any email marketing campaign you create. You can also use this email marketing software to keep in touch with your webinar attendees. This option is best for mid-sized companies who are looking for both a webinar and email marketing solution.

What makes it unique:

  • Combines email marketing and webinar services.
  • Access webinar invitation and reminder templates.
  • It provides audience analytics.

Pricing 💰

All plans offer a 30-day free webinar trial.

Plus Plan: $49/month. Up to 100 attendees.

Professional Plan: $99/month. Up to 300 attendees.

Enterprise: $1199/month. Up to 500 attendees.


6. Zoom

Zoom Webinars

What is it?

Zoom is a user-friendly webinar platform with the ability to host a large volume of attendees. This is one of the best webinar software options for people looking to present and interact with a large audience. Plans on Zoom allow users to host events with up to 100 interactive participants. You can host an audience of up to 10,000 view-only participants. Zoom has implemented incredibly intuitive features that users can access on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Zoom is best for both large and small businesses and users on a budget.

What makes it unique:

  • The option for private or public chat.
  • Live event assistance.
  • Extremely affordable plans.

Pricing 💰

Basic Plan: Free. Up to 100 participants.

Pro Plan: $14.99/month. Up to 100 participants.

Business Plan: $19.99/month. Up to 300 participants.

Enterprise: $19.99/month. Up to 500 Participants. Minimum of 50 hosts.


7. Livestorm

LiveStorm Webinar

What is it?

Livestorm has created a pleasant user interface and stunning landing pages that help businesses attract an audience. Livestorm doesn’t require any downloads or plug-ins and is ready to go immediately. This webinar software offers a full toolbox of features for users as well as hundreds of integrated apps. This is one of the best webinar platforms for both large and small businesses.

What makes it unique:

  • 1500+ integrated apps.
  • Create on-demand webinars.
  • Design a fully automated schedule.
  • No credit card is required for the free plan.

Pricing 💰

Basic Plan: Free. Up to 4 participants for meetings. Up to 10 attendees for webinars.

Premium Webinar Plan. $99/month. Up to 100 attendees.

Premium Meeting Plan: $31/month. Up to 8 participants.



everwebiner for Webinars

What is it?

Everwebinar is a webinar software that has been fully integrated into WebinarJam. Users have the option to purchase them as a bundle or separately. If you already use WebinarJam,  set up with this platform is incredibly fast and easy. Everwebinar offers expert training features for users so that you can better convert your audience. If you ever run into any problems, they offer unlimited support.

What makes it unique:

  • Create pre-recorded webinars that function like live webinars.
  • On-demand webinars.
  • Convenient scheduling system.

Pricing 💰

Monthly: $199 x 3 billed annually.

Yearly: $497/annually.

2-Year: $799 billed every two years.


9.  WebinarNinja

Webinar Ninja

What is it?

WebinarNinja is a webinar software that focuses on providing unique and beautiful templates for its users. This platform offers several useful webinar tools to help you grow your brand or business. You can create live and pre-recorded webinars and offer webinar series to your audience. WebinarNinja is best for small to mid-sized businesses.

What makes it unique?

  • Quickly create webinars.
  • Built-in marketing.
  • Convenient screen sharing.

Pricing 💰

Starter: $39/month billed annually. Up to 100 attendees.

Pro: $79/month. Up to 300 attendees.

Plus: $129/month. Up to 500 attendees.

Power: $199/month. Up to 1000 attendees.


10. Livestream


What is it?

Livestream one of the best webinar platforms for large businesses and institutions. Use Livestream to broadcast your live content across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Periscope. Livestream can accommodate huge audiences and offers unlimited viewership as part of the plan. If you’ve already built a large audience this is a great option for you. Businesses who need to reach thousands of viewers should seriously consider Livestream.

What makes it unique:

  • Unlimited viewers.
  • It can accommodate huge audiences.
  • Choose from a variety of specialized solutions.

Pricing 💰

Premium: $75/month billed annually.

Enterprise: large businesses can create custom plans according to their needs.


11. AdobeConnect

Adobe Connect

What is it?

AdobeConnect is a dynamic webinar solution that offers tools for live video, webinars, virtual training, and meetings. AdobeConnect is great for enterprises seeking a convenient solution for employee mobility. The webinars available through this platform include tools to engage the audience such as polls, Q&A and status options.

This is one of the best webinar software solutions for businesses seeking unique content and robust analytics. This is a  pricier option, however, they offer a free trial to new users.

What makes it unique:

  • Influence and convert the audience with interactive tools.
  • The engagement dashboard gives quick participation information.
  • Customize your room and registrations.

Pricing 💰

$130 per month for 100 participants.

$470 per month for 500 participants.

$580 per month for 1000 participants.


12 . ezTalks

ezTalk Webinar

What is it?

ezTalks is a low-cost, simple webinar platform for live video, automated content,  and paid webinars. This webinar solution offers default templates so that you can schedule webinars quickly and easily. ezTalks offers some interactive features such as polls and surveys, to better reach your audience.

In addition, this software can deliver HD video and audio. This platform is great for people who want to save money, but still, have access to the basic features available with other products.

What makes it unique:

  • Incredibly low cost.
  • Screen sharing capabilities.
  • Free plans available.
  • Good for new businesses.

Pricing 💰

Starter: Free trial with up to 100 participants.

Standard: $10 per month with up to 100 participants.

Pro: $30 per month with up to 200 participants,

Business: $50 per month with up to 300 participants.


13. TokBox

TokBox Webinar

What is it?

TokBox is an API platform that offers several products including live broadcasting.  Their live broadcasting product includes several interactive features so that you can engage the audience. This product also enables users to embed interactive features into their own websites.

Use TokBox to stream to unlimited participants or simultaneously interact with up to 3000 participants. Broadcast live video to Facebook Live, Twitch or YouTube Live. Users also have the ability to record ready-to-watch content using this platform.

What makes it unique:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing system.
  • Capability for large audiences.
  • Stream on social media sites.

Pricing 💰

Plans start at $9.99 per month. Users can purchase credits according to usage.


14. Zoho

Zoho Webinar

What is it?

Zoho is a marketing platform that offers an advanced webinar product. Zoho gives its users the ability to broadcast to hundreds of viewers.  Presenters are able to moderate the audience, creating a seamless presentation. This includes managing who attends, preventing spammers, and the option to deny, approve or cancel registrations.

Use Zoho to reach your target audience by embedding your registration link into popular sites. Users are given screen sharing abilities to increase audience interactions. This is one of the most affordable webinar platforms and is suitable for small businesses.

What makes it unique:

  • Users can moderate the audience.
  • Option to include attendees in the presentation.
  • Mobile access.

Pricing 💰

$15/month for 25 attendees.

$23/month for 50 attendees.

$31/month for 100 attendees.

$63/month for 250 attendees.

As you can see, these webinar platforms all have impressive features to help you better reach your audience. There are several options for small businesses and a few great options for larger companies. If you’re on a budget, take a look at some of the free plans and trials listed above. Whatever your specific needs may be, you’re well on your way to a more successful business.