Best Kratom Affiliate Programs: Maximize Your Earnings

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Kratom Affiliate Programs

In 2023, the kratom industry saw its valuation soar to a whopping $1.87 billion, underlining the need for marketers to join the best kratom affiliate programs. With projections pointing towards a $5.69 billion valuation by 2030, the kratom market is ripe for affiliate marketers. 

Here’s a comparison table offering a sneak peek of the top kratom affiliate programs, complete with their commission rates and cookie durations.

Kratom Affiliate Program Commission Rate / Payout Cookie Duration
Super Speciosa 50 – 60% 30 days
Kratom Country 50 – 60% 30 days
Be Happy Go Leafy 50 – 60% 30 days
Golden Monk 50 – 60% 30 days
Kraken Kratom 25% 90 days
Kratom Spot  25% 30 days
Left Coast Kratom 25% 90 days
Bulk Kratom Now 25% 90 days
Happy Hippo  35%-10% 30 days
Amazing Botanicals 10% 30 day
Oasis Kratom 27% 30 days

Best Kratom Affiliate Programs with High Payouts

The kratom market is already a prominent industry in the US, with the surge in demand highlighting its increasing acceptance in the healthcare industry. In this section of our review, we take a closer look at 11 of the best kratom affiliate programs with high payouts and supportive affiliate dashboards.

image4 1

Super Speciosa is a reputable brand in the supplements niche, renowned for its high-quality kratom and natural supplements. With a focus on purity and customer satisfaction, Super Speciosa continues to set the pace when it comes to product quality.

The Super Speciosa affiliate program is a perfect example of the potential within the kratom industry, offering both high-earning potential and the opportunity to promote products that contribute positively to health and wellness.


  • Pros icon High commission rate of up to 60% per sale
  • Pros icon Offers premium, easy-to-promote, lab-tested kratom products
  • Pros icon Supportive affiliate management team to assist with optimization and strategy


  • Cons icon Stringent application requirements

Star Rating

/ 5.0

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Kratom Country has been in the kratom industry since 2009, offering high-quality kratom products, including capsules, powders, and extracts. Kratom Country ensures all products undergo rigorous lab testing to meet stringent quality standards, solidifying its reputation as a trusted kratom source.

The brand’s solid reputation and comprehensive product range present a promising opportunity for affiliates specializing in Kratom.


  • Pros icon Access to a wide variety of high-quality kratom products
  • Pros icon Free shipping on all orders enhances the promotional appeal
  • Pros icon Customer loyalty programs provide additional value to promote


  • Cons icon Information about the affiliate program is not readily available

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image10 2

Happy Go Leafy is at the forefront of the kratom industry, offering a rich selection of top-tier kratom products.

As the kratom market continues to flourish, Happy Go Leafy provides a prime opportunity for affiliates to tap into this growth and earn passively through its affiliate program.


  • Pros icon Competitive starting commission rate of 30% with potential for increases
  • Pros icon High average order values enhance earning potential
  • Pros icon Access to exclusive promotions and brand updates
  • Pros icon Everflow tracking software for comprehensive affiliate support


  • Cons icon Commission reversals for refunds and erroneous orders

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image11 2

The Golden Monk, in partnership with MIT45, offers an enticing opportunity for affiliates looking to capitalize on the kratom industry’s growth.

With competitive commission rates and a strategic partnership with MIT45, The Golden Monk offers a solid foundation for earning passively online. Affiliates ready to dive into the kratom space will find The Golden Monk to be an excellent partner for achieving their financial goals.


  • Pros icon Attractive commission rates with the opportunity for increases based on performance
  • Pros icon Partnership with MIT45 offers access to a broader range of products
  • Pros icon Dedicated support for affiliates to optimize their promotional strategies


  • Cons icon Competitive selection process

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image8 2

Kraken Kratom is highly respected for its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and transparency.

The company sets the industry standard with superior quality products, exceptional packaging, and unparalleled customer service, all underscored by rigorous quality control standards and GMP compliance.

The Kraken Kratom affiliate program offers an appealing commission structure, as you get to earn 25% on the first order of a new customer and 5% on subsequent orders, marking it as one of the industry’s most rewarding programs.

Its extensive cookie duration and a suite of promotional tools ensure you have everything needed to succeed and grow alongside a leading name in the industry.


  • Pros icon Industry-leading commission rates with lifetime commissions on new customer referrals
  • Pros icon Diverse payment options
  • Pros icon Long cookie duration-


  • Cons icon A higher payout threshold of $90 may require accumulating several sales for eligibility.

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image13 2

Kratom Spot is a premier online retailer dedicated to offering the world’s highest quality, all-natural Kratom. Kratom Spot’s commitment to excellence is evident as it boasts an extensive selection of over 30 unique strains of Kratom powders, capsules, and extracts.

The Kratom Spot affiliate program is recommended if you’re passionate about promoting all-natural and ethically sourced Kratom. With a generous commission rate, high-quality products, and a commitment to sustainability and fair trade, Kratom Spot provides the tools and support needed for affiliates to succeed in Kratom affiliate marketing.


  • Pros icon High commission rate of 25% on all sales
  • Pros icon Wide selection of over 30 unique strains of Kratom
  • Pros icon 100% product satisfaction guarantee, enhancing customer trust and affiliate confidence


  • Cons icon Not enough information about payouts

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image1 2

Left Coast Kratom is a family-operated business that started in 2017, specializing in natural remedies. It focuses on delivering high-quality kratom products, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, and ensuring affordability and quality for all customers.

The Left Coast Kratom affiliate program has competitive commission rates, and boasts a responsive affiliate support team, making it an attractive option if you’re in the kratom and natural remedies niche. 

Affiliates earn up to 30% on the first and 25% on subsequent sales, offering one of the most competitive commissions in the kratom industry.


  • Pros icon High commission rates for both initial and subsequent sales
  • Pros icon Long cookie duration enhances the opportunity for commissions
  • Pros icon Strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction


  • Cons icon A minimum payout threshold of $90

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image2 2

Bulk Kratom Now specializes in offering high-quality kratom strains at competitive wholesale prices. They aim to provide customers with cost-effective options for purchasing kratom in bulk, catering to both individual consumers and businesses.

Joining the Bulk Kratom Now affiliate program is straightforward, with a simple sign-up process designed to get affiliates started as quickly as possible. A focus on a high conversion rate of 4.8% suggests that the program is well-optimized for affiliate success.


  • Pros icon Competitive 25% commission rate on sales
  • Pros icon Wide variety of kratom strains available for promotion
  • Pros icon Lengthy 90-day cookie duration enhances earning potential
  • Pros icon Monthly payments via PayPal for easy access to funds


  • Cons icon $100 minimum balance is required for payout, which may require sustained effort for new affiliates to achieve

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image9 2

Happy Hippo Herbals has evolved from a humble beginning in a basement to owning an American Kratom Association-approved laboratory and warehouse.

With over two decades of experience in the kratom industry, they pride themselves on offering products sourced from the best Indonesian growers, backed by strict pathogen sterilization and independent lab testing.

Happy Hippo Herbals’ affiliate program offers an attractive opportunity for affiliates, courtesy of its favorable commission rates and the added benefits of personalized codes and free samples. 


  • Pros icon High commission rate of up to 35% for new customer referrals
  • Pros icon Long cookie duration of 365 days, increasing the chance of earning commissions
  • Pros icon Affiliates receive coupon codes, free product samples, and unreleased items
  • Pros icon Association with an American Kratom Association-approved vendor ensures product quality and safety


  • Cons icon The program is selective as it only approves users of its products

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image6 1

Amazing Botanicals offers a wide selection of high-quality, organic kratom products at competitive prices. Their product range includes kratom powders, capsules, extracts, tinctures, tablets, and even kratom cigarettes in a variety of strains and special blends, catering to both new and experienced users.

The Amazing Botanicals affiliate program is recommended for affiliate marketers looking to promote a reputable brand in the kratom industry. With a diverse product line, competitive commission rates, and flexible payment options, it provides a platform for building a profitable affiliate marketing endeavor.


  • Pros icon Offers a broad array of kratom products, appealing to a wide customer base
  • Pros icon Flexible payment options (PayPal or Bitcoin)


  • Cons icon The 10% commission rate is lower compared to some other kratom affiliate programs

Star Rating

/ 5.0

image12 2

Oasis Kratom is recognized as an American Kratom Association-approved vendor, renowned for offering the lowest prices and highest quality kratom online. Each batch of their kratom is individually tested and packaged in a cGMP-compliant laboratory, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety for consumers.

Its affiliate program offers affiliates a 27% commission on sales, reflecting its commitment to rewarding those who help expand their customer base.


  • Pros icon Low minimum payout threshold
  • Pros icon Support from an American Kratom Association-approved vendor, enhancing trust and reliability


  • Cons icon Not the highest interest rate

Star Rating

/ 5.0

How Did I Choose the Best Kratom Affiliate Program?

Choosing the right kratom affiliate program wasn’t a walk in the park. It required a bit of digging and a whole lot of experience in the affiliate marketing world. Here’s what I considered when choosing the top picks. 

Brand Reputation and Testimonials

I looked for programs from brands with a solid reputation. A company that’s well-reputed for quality products and customer satisfaction is more likely to convert leads into sales.

Payment Policy and Reliability

The frequency and reliability of payments are crucial. I opted for programs known for their transparency and timely payouts, because, let’s face it, we’re all here to earn.

Competitive Commission Rates

The higher the commission, the better. But it’s not just about the rate; it’s about the balance between a high commission and a product that people actually want.

Marketing Support

Programs offering marketing tools like banners, creatives, and in-depth product info made the cut. These resources are invaluable for crafting compelling content.

Cookie Duration

Longer cookie durations give a better chance of earning a commission. I leaned towards programs offering at least 30 days and more, giving our shared leads ample time to make purchases.

How To Successfully Promote Kratom Affiliate Programs?

Given the legal environment surrounding kratom in the US, it’s important to have a well-thought-out strategy. Here are some strategies that have worked for me:

Check the Legality of Kratom in the US

Always start with a disclaimer about kratom’s legal status. It’s not legal in all US states, and your audience needs to know this upfront. Tailor your promotions to regions where it’s legal.

Create a Website or Blog

Establish yourself as an authority by creating content that educates your audience about kratom, its benefits, and its legal status. Reviews, guides, and comparison articles can be very useful in getting approved as an affiliate. 

Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be goldmines for building relationships and engaging with your audience. Just be mindful of each platform’s policies on promoting kratom.

Unique Insights

Distinguish yourself from competitors by offering unique insights or sharing personal experiences. Authenticity sells.

How to Apply for a Kratom Affiliate Program?

Applying for a kratom affiliate program can vary from one brand to another, but here are some common steps and requirements:

Add Your Traffic Source and Name

Be prepared to share detailed information about your primary traffic source—whether it’s a website, a social media platform, or an email list.

Your Source Traffic

If you have a website, you’ll likely need to provide traffic statistics. Brands want to partner with affiliates who can reach a wide and engaged audience.

Motivation for Joining the Program

Be ready to explain why you’re interested in their program and how it aligns with your content and audience. Passion for the product can be a significant plus.

Promotional Strategies

Outline your plans for promoting their products. This could include content marketing, social media campaigns, or email marketing.

Best Kratom Affiliate Network

As the founder of Up Revenue, let me welcome you to the thrilling world of Kratom affiliate marketing.


Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or you’re a pro in this niche, Up Revenue is the party you can’t afford to skip! Our platform is powered by cutting-edge technology and offers affiliates one of the most enticing offers.

Being Super Affiliates ourselves, we’re in the perfect position to offer the most lucrative payouts, whether you’re into Pay Per Lead (PPL), Pay Per Sale (PPS), or looking to share in the revenue. This approach ensures that your pocket feels heavier for every click or sale you generate.

But it’s not all about the money. At Up Revenue, we’re armed with every tool you might need to turn your traffic into gold. Dreaming of a custom landing page? Consider it done. As for payouts, we’re all about flexibility, offering bi-monthly payments for those who really drive in the numbers. And if you ever need us, we’re just a call away during business hours. So, whether you’re promoting Kratom or exploring other niches, Up Revenue is here to bolster your affiliate aspirations, simplifying your path to more earnings with minimal fuss.

Star Rating

/ 5.0

Kratom Affiliate Programs FAQs 

Can I Join Multiple Kratom Affiliate Programs?

Absolutely, you can—and should—join multiple kratom affiliate programs. Diversifying your affiliate portfolio allows you to offer your audience a broader selection of high-quality kratom products, from organic kratom powders to premium kratom capsules and extracts. This enhances your value and increases your potential earnings.

Just ensure each program aligns with your marketing strategy and the interests of your audience.

What Is the Highest Paying Kratom Affiliate Program?

Identifying the highest-paying kratom affiliate program requires considering factors like the commission rate, product quality, brand reputation, and customer satisfaction. Programs like Super Speciosa, with commission rates up to 40%, and Happy Hippo Herbals, offering up to 35% commissions, are among the top contenders.

However, the “best” program depends on how well it fits with your content and how its offerings resonate with your followers.

How Do I Track My Commissions?

Most kratom affiliate programs provide access to an affiliate dashboard where you can monitor your commissions in real time. This dashboard typically includes detailed analytics on clicks, conversions, and earnings.

Tools like tracking cookies and unique affiliate links help accurately attribute sales to your efforts. Some programs may integrate with third-party tracking software for an even more detailed analysis, ensuring you’re fully informed about your affiliate marketing performance.

Bottom Line 

In the world of kratom affiliates, I’ve encountered many programs, each promising substantial rewards. Programs like Super Speciosa and Happy Hippo Herbals offer attractive commission rates and long cookie durations, which boosts your chances of earning passively.

Their dedication to affordability and quality makes them appealing to a broad audience, enhancing the potential for higher conversion rates.

In the USA, where the legal status of kratom can vary, it’s crucial to work with companies that are compliant with Kratom-related regulations. Remember to set up a decent marketing strategy, as the Kratom industry is highly competitive. You should also check your affiliate dashboard frequently to track your earnings and chat with the affiliate team.

Lastly, choose brands carefully, prioritizing well-reputed brands like Super Speciosa and Kratom Country, as they’re a lot easier to promote than relatively unknown brands.